Cameron County 2022...and Beyond

For Immediate Release


“Let’s Study Our Past to Improve Our Future”.

Cameron County, Texas – 6/25/2021 – When you elected me as your Cameron County Judge, I made a commitment to you to “Work Together- Juntos” and plan for the future to keep our County Strong! Let’s face it – 2020/2021 has been tough. The challenges we faced have taken their toll on our County, and all of you.

I have always believed that: “What hurts us today, makes us stronger tomorrow.”

And we will be stronger! We must keep looking forward so that we are prepared to meet the challenges of the future.

In the past, we have concentrated on investing, improving and building for a better Cameron County. Looking forward, we will continue to improve the infrastructure, emergency services, law enforcement and new job opportunities for an even better and more prosperous Cameron County. Yet, there is still a lot of work ahead of us to achieve our goals.

That is why I have decided to seek another term as your Cameron County Judge.

I will continue to address the needs of our County such as Health, Education, Veterans Services, Housing, Parks, Public Services, Infrastructure (Water, Sewer, Drainage, Deep Water Ports and Transportation), Tourism, Broadband Connectivity, Job creation opportunities, assis- tance to the elderly, homeowners, small businesses, and business development. These are all areas that we will continue to enhance and ensure that by doing so, we will boost our area’s economic prosperity, and quality of life while continuing to be fiscally responsible to taxpayers. The work we have done in the last 3 years is just the beginning for what the future holds for each one of us.

I will continue to lead, making the tough decisions which need to be made to keep our County strong!

Let’s Stay Strong,Together – Juntos!

Cameron County Judge




Investing / Improving / Building

Over $65 Million in improvements to our Parks

Continuing to address streets, drainage, water/sewer, housing and broadband connectivity issues Countywide

COVID – Led the Countywide effort to address COVID-19 to save lives and I will continue this FIGHT to protect our residents!

1.2 Billion of transportation projects in development including International trade

Economic development, job creation and quality of life projects are still a top priority

We will continue to support Law Enforcement with needed and necessary resources to protect our communities

School safety and security is a priority- we will work with school districts, Cities and Law Enforcement to address this concern

Continue working with our Towns and Cities to seek available Grant and Funding opportunities and to address their needs