"Together we can, AGAIN"

Re-Elect /County Judge

Eddie Trevino, jr.

Venue Projects Completed

  • Amphitheater Cameron County
  • Event Center
  • South Texas Eco Tourism Center


Isla Blanca Park & SPI Coastal Parks
  • Completed and GLO approved Erosion Response Plan
  • Completed beach renourishment project with SPI & COE

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  • Sandpiper Pavilion
  • DJ Lenna Pavilion & Boardwalk
  • Toll Booths
  • Parking Lot 10
  • E.K. Atwood Park-Pavilion/Parking Area
  • RESTORE Funding
  • Funded new road to Amphitheater/Event Center
  • Park Rangers Station
  • Refurbishing of Jetties Restrooms & Parking
  • Refurbishing of Isla Blanca Park Restrooms & Showers
  • Isla Blanca Park Beach Nourishment Project

Adolph Thomae, Jr. Park
  • Entrance Road & Boat Ramp Improvements
  • Educational Pavilion Shoreline Restoration Phase 3 & 4
Community Parks
  • La Esperanza Park Inclusive Playground & Amenities
  • La Esperanza Park Refurbish Outdoor Picnic Pavilion
  • Pedro “Pete” Benavides Walking Trail Renovations


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  • Pedro “Pete” Benavides Covered Basketball Court
  • Santa Rosa Park Improvements
  • Olmito Nature Park
  • Cameron County Parks Administration Office

Cameron County Road & Bride
  • Modernized County Rules and Regulations for Development and Building
  • New public works warehouses in each area/precinct
  • Five-year road maintenance plan


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  • Capital Improvement  Road Program—  new construction
  • South Parallel Corridor Phase II
  • San Jose Ranch Road
  • South Port Connector Road
  • Multiple roads throughout the County
  • Modernized building permit process to include doing it electronically
  • Modernized GIS capabilities at Engineering

International Bridge System
  • GSA Feasibility Study for the modernization of Gateway Bridge
  • Received Federal funding for the modernization of Gateway Bridge – $133 million
  • Improvements to Gateway Bridge Turnstiles

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  • Lighting improvements at Gateway Bridge
  • Added commercial lanes at Veterans Bridge
  • CBP added z portals to improve waiting times for commercial vehicles
  • Completed design / engineering and funding for CBP expansion of primary lanes at Veterans
  • Bridge
  • Completed Schematic of improvements to CBP Export Dock at Free Trade Bridge
  • Completed Northbound commercial lane expansion at the Free Trade Bridge
  • Completed feasibility study of the Flor de Mayo Bridge
  • Completed and submitted Presidential Permit Application for the Flor de Mayo Bridge
  • Canopy Improvements at Veterans, Gateway and Free Trade Bridge

Capital Improvement Program
  • Completed several roof replacement projects for facilities throughout the County
  • Renovated several facilities throughout the County


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  • Added a drive through Tax Office in downtown San Benito
  • Acquired a drive through facility for the Tax Office in downtown Harlingen
  • Partnered with BISD & City of Brownsville to locate a Tax Office in Southmost
  • Continued to expand services throughout County Annexes
  • Completed major improvements at Juvenile Detention Center
  • Completed major improvements at Adult Probation Department
  • Completed major lmprovements at facilities throughout the County

  • Successful in getting federal assistance in developing an RGV wide watershed study
  • Received  grant I+inds for a drainage improvement  project in Mariposa Ranc—h    Pet. 4

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  • Received a grant for a drainage improvement project in Paso Rea—l     Pct. 1
  • Partnered with TDEM, TWDB and Drainage Districts to request funding to address drainage problems throughout the County
  • Created Drainage District 6 in the La Feria/Santa Rosa Area

Economic Development
  • See Economic Benefits attached
  • LNG Plants — Continue dialogue with investment of up to $18 billion

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  • TIRZ’s with COB    Madeira Development – $1.3 Billion economic benefit when fully built out Riverfront Project
  • Partnerships with EDC’s to lure industry to Cameron County
  • Partnership with Port of Brownsville to lure industry to the Port

Compensation Plan
  • Developed and implemented an employee compensation plan, including, law enforcement
  • Raised the minimum salary for all full-time positions to a living wage
  • Merged MPO’s into one MPO, RGVMPO (5″’ largest MPO in the state)
  • Current Chairman of RGVMPO



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  • Cameron County has already received additional $’s because of merger
  • Coordination of the West Rail Trail
  • Continuing dialogue with TxDOT to get East Loop on State System – $100 million construction funding from TxDOT
  • Completed several projects along U.S. 77/I69E route
  • Have one pending project on U.S. 77 to convert to interstate standards
  • Northbound Driscoll Relief route is open
  • TxDOT acquiring right of way for Riviera Relief Route (I 69E)
  • Working with CCRMA to complete environmental document for 2″‘ Causeway
  • Working with CCRMA to complete their $2 billion system of projects
  • Working with TxDOT on improvements on Military Highway
  • Working with TxDOT on 169 Connector between Edinburg, Harlingen and SPI
  • Completed Airport Improvements
  • Funded reconstruction of new entrance road to County
  • Airport Airport fence improvement project
  • Interlocal Agreements with smaller cities

  • Received $82 million Committed $35 million
  • Food bank, parks, roads, drainage, water and sewer improvements, boys & girls club, health
  • Total number of residents that benefited — 450,000
  • $17 million in CDBG, TDRA, Colonia Sell Help and Other grants
  • Sewer, Water, Street and other improvements
  • County’s valuation Budget Performance – Balanced budgets
  • Clean Independent Financial Audits
  • Bond Ratings — Continue to keep or enhance ratings

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  • Property Taxes Collected — High percent
  • Vehicle registration fees—  Healthy and continues to increase

Public Health
  • COVID Statistics
  • Vaccine Statistics
  • Public health service data
  • Department Enhancements
  • Press Conferences — kept public informed through Pandemic
Veterans Health
  • Statistics/Number of Veterans Assisted
  • Enhancements in providing services
Emergency Management
  • Regular calls with Govs office, TDEM & others
  • Weekly calls with Mayors, Superintendents, Hospital Administrators & others Statistics
  • Special projects COVID drives
  • FEMA coordination during emergencies


Communication / Technology
  • IT Department enhancements
  • Starlink at Bob Clark/Benavides Park
  • Broadband pilot projects—rural County
  • Connectivity projects — school districts
  • Voter turnout Voter Registration
  • Grant funds received
  • Election department efficiency
Court System
  • District Courtroom enhancements
  • County Court of Law courtroom enhancements
  • JP Courtroom enhancements


Law enforcement
  • Sheriff
  • Constables
  • Park Rangers
Rental Assistance Program

$2 million in rental and utility assistance funding to tenants and landlords